By Jessie Leventhal

Blindfolded yoga?! Yup, you read correctly – and no, we’re not fussing around when we tell you that A) this totally for real and B) it has not only spiced up our yoga routine, but actually improved our yoga practice too!

Perfect for those of us (yup, you!) who sometimes find ourselves paying more attention to our neighbor’s cute Lulu Lemon outfit (or the sexy guy in the corner with killer arms!) than to our practice,  blindfolded yoga cuts us off from distractions, deepens our yoga practice and helps us to gain clarity and awareness in a whole new way.

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What it is: Blindfolded yoga is a yoga class in which your eyes are covered, forcing your to more deeply focus on sharpening all five of your senses. With a strong concentration on inner awareness, this new twist on traditional yoga seriously challenges our stability, improves our balancing skills and takes our yoga practice to whole new level.

Why we love it: While most forms of exercise leave us feeling positive and happy, blindfolded yoga energizes us in a way that no other workout has ever done before. It is a fun and exciting way to spruce up your usual yoga routine and we loved the instant bond of trust formed with our instructor – and ourselves!

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Where to do it: A lot of yoga studios are now offering blindfolded classes, so ask around at your local studios. Can’t find one? Ask your instructor if he or she minds if you wear a blindfold during the class and do it yourself!

How to DIY it: Pop in your favorite yoga DVD and perform the series of moves….blindfolded! Don’t have any yoga videos? Head to YouTube for some free ones!

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