By Jessie Leventhal

What it is: A killer workout fusing together dance, martial arts, meditation, yoga, strength conditioning and high-energy aerobics – all with a mental health twist that will have you feeling like a yogi in a professional athlete’s body. Come to class ready for a high-energy cardio conditioning class that combines the health benefits of a serious sweat session with spoken-aloud affirmations that give your the mood-boosting benefits of a therapy session. Trust us when we say that you will leave this empowering class feeling both mentally clearer and physically stronger.

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Why we love it:  Great cardiovascular activity that will get the blood pumping! The exhilarating workout will build physical, spiritual, and mental strength.

How it got started: Experienced and enthusiastic fitness expert, Patricia Moreno, began teaching intenSati after realizing her desire to instruct a uniquely inspiring group fitness class. After becoming a life coach and a yoga teacher, Moreno incorporated high intensity cardio into her regimen to create a life-changing aerobic exercise that has been featured everywhere from Dr. Oz to The Today Show.

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Where to do it: Equinox fitness clubs and other gyms around the country. For more information on locations, click here.

How to DIY it: If you don’t live near a fitness club offering an intenSati class, check out one of Patricia Moreno’s four butt-busting intenSati DVDs  or, if you want to cut back on the costs even more, try performing the workout on your own. Just write down ten affirming statements (like “I am confident,” “I am powerful,” etc.) and recite them aloud as you perform high intensity cardiovascular activity in your living room. Finish off your workout with ten minutes of meditation.

See more: Want to see a preview of the class? Click here for a video clip!

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