We all know that yoga is a hot workout (sometimes literally when we’re talking about Bikrim, a form of yoga performed in sweltering conditions), but yoga is more than just another way to incorporate exercise into your life. Rather, yoga’s benefits are far greater than a Jennifer-Aniston-esque body or a Deepak Chopra-like inner peace (as if those weren’t reasons enough!). To fill us in on some of the less well-know (and beautifying!) benefits of yoga, we turned to Holly Mosier, a healthy lifestyle expert and author to fill us in…

5 Ways Yoga Can Boost Beauty!

For clear skin… One of the most potent effects of yoga is its ability to help us manage stress, not only because stress is often a contributing factor in illness (which does nothing for our looks!) but also because stress leads us to crave unhealthy foods which inevitably show up on our largest organ (our skin!).

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To reverse the aging process… Inversions (those yoga poses that have your head below your heart, like Downward Facing Dog) are believed to be potent anti-agers since they flip the effects of gravity on the body.

For beauty in strength… In yoga, we extend and stretch the muscles before strengthening them as we hold the pose. This consistent practice carves lean, graceful muscle tone (and a shapely booty to boot!).

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For a glowing complexion… The deep breathing in yoga improves circulation and many of the poses improve digestion and elimination, clearing the body of waste, both of which encourage a glowing complexion.

To look & feel more confident… Yoga helps us to stand straighter and taller and standing with better posture can helps you look and feel more confident. And we all know that confidence is alluring!

The best part of all of us this, as Holly explains, is that you don’t need to struggle to fit a 90-minute yoga class into your busy schedule. Rather, you can realized the benefits of yoga in just  four 10-minute sessions each week!

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