Yoga Gloves: Because Carrying A Yoga Mat Sucks

Props Athletics Yoga Gloves Will Replace Your Yoga Mat

Planning a vacation and want to DIY your yoga routine on the go?

Yeah, good luck packing that yoga mat – or lugging it around as its own carry-on bag. As if.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t do yoga on the run.

Similarly, if you’re so over (we are!) lugging your yoga mat from work to studio or paying the $2 rental fee every damn time, read on!

No, we’re not suggesting you do yoga sans mat and risk slipping and sliding all around on those sweaty floors (in potentially questionably clean places, no less!).

It’s all about Yoga Gloves.

More specifically, the Props Athletics Freedom Gloves ($38).

Never lug a yoga mat around again thanks to these grip-enhanced gloves that give you all the benefits of a yoga mat (some cushion, loads of slip-free grip!) all in a toss-in-your-purse size that allows you to practice in airports, hotel rooms, and, well, anywhere else without a yoga mat.

And for all you sweat-ers out there (hi!), they’re awesome for reducing slip when spinning (bye, bye annoyingly draped towels), weight training (they’ll prevent germ transfer too!), or really fitness-ing in any other way too.

Better yet: they’re washable too (because let’s be honest, those cleaning wipes never really cut it).

Your body, wallet, and TSA will thank you!

PS. You can buy Props Athletics Freedom Gloves ($38) here.

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