Your Glutes: 5 Reasons To Build A Strong Booty

Celebrity Fitness Trainer Holly Perkins On Why You Need Stronger Glutes – And How To Get ‘Em!

By Holly Perkins

It is allllll about the booty right now!

And for good reason. And no, not just because you want your butt to look better in your jeans (though it will…) but rather because there are 5 functional reasons why it’s important to build a strong butt that have far greater impact.

Here’s the deal: 90% of women who come to me for fitness coaching have severely weak and under-developed glutes.

Your glutes are designed to be the biggest muscle group in your entire body and when they are you’ll reap incredible benefits.

Here’s why…

Boost Your Metabolism. Muscle is metabolism magic. Simply by improving the strength of your glute muscles you can increase your resting metabolic rate by as much as 30%. That’s massive!

Banish PMS. A strong butt will help eliminate PMS. You can radically reduce – or even eliminate – your worst PMS symptoms with strength training. I know because I’ve coached women for 20 years to do it. A strong butt could mean less breast tenderness, fewer cravings, and no more cramp-filled days.

Bye-Bye Cellulite. I get so mad when a doctor claims that cellulite is hereditary. Sure, you may be more prone to it, but you’re not destined to have it forever. If you were, I must be a magician because I have helped no less than 200 women reduce and eliminate cellulite on the their thighs and butt. Improving the volume and metabolism of your glutes will do two things: 1) plump up the muscle to smooth out the appearance and 2) literally shrink the cellulite. This isn’t my opinion; this is science.

Hello, Perfect Posture. With strong glutes you’ll improve your posture and spinal health. Here’s why: your bones are held in place by muscles as they resist the force of gravity. When a muscle group is weak, the body becomes unstable and imbalanced. Your pelvis is the foundation for your spine and upper body, and is held in place by your glutes. Strong glutes mean that your spine will have better alignment thereby reducing the risk of injury and improving your posture. Oh, and you’ll reduce your risk of osteoporosis too.

You’ll Feel Fantastic. You deserve to feel fantasssstic and a strong booty will help! You’ll stand taller, feel more confident, be less prone to injury, and no longer have monthly PMS symptoms. That shit is the stuff that dreams are made of. You deserve to fly high and feel amazing about yourself every single minute of every single day. A strong, fit butt makes a woman feel invincible. And you, my dear, are worth it.

If you’re ready to start your own booty improvement, check out Holly’s 12 week strength training program The GLUTES Project. Follow her on Instagram (@hollyperkins) and Facebook (Holly Perkins) for daily tips and insights from her own workouts.

Holly Perkins holds a BS in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition and is the author of Lift to Get Lean. She is a 20-year veteran in women’s fitness and is the founder of Women’s Strength Nation.