By Alexis Wolfer

There may not be an easy fix for fitness, but there are certainly ways to speed up the process! Here are two of our favorite – and easiest – ways to increase the effectiveness of your time in the gym so you can spend less time pumping iron and more time practicing your swing with that 9 iron.

Mix It Up. They say that variety is the spice of life and, well, it’s the spice of fitness too. Jog at the same pace every day for the same amount of time and, well, your body will get just about as bored as you will. Throw in some intervals or take a spin class every now and then, though, and you’ll not only stave off boredom, but also work your muscles differently, for an amplified effect!

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Increase Weights. A lot of us get stuck in the same weight routines. We’re comfortable with our 8-pound weights, so we loyally stick with them. We know, we know: breaking up is hard to do. But, trust us, this is a relationship that needs to end if you want to see results without spending hours and hours at the gym. Over time, your body has acclimated to those 8-pound dumbbells and knows how to get the job done with minimal effort. To get stronger, though, you need to keep your body on its toes (not literally). By increasing your weights by just 5-10%, you’ll shock your body into working again and get stronger, faster.

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