4 Soon-To-Be-Must-Have Kitchen Staples

4 Kitchen Staples You Probably Haven’t Heard Of But Won’t Be Able To Live Without

Think you’re kitchen is fully stocked. You. Have. No. Idea.

We did too once upon a time, until we discovered these 5 game-changing kitchen staples and, well, our lives (or at least our grocery lists) were never the same again!

4 Kitchen Staples You Need To Try

Coconut Aminos

Organic Coconut Aminos are like a slightly sweet soy sauce, but oh so much better than that! Sure, you can dip sushi in this delicious sauce derived from the vitamin-rich liquid sugars extracted from the blossoms of the coconut tree (it’s not made from coconut meat so it doesn’t taste like coconut AT ALL); but there is oh, so much more you can do with this! Like sauté, well anything. Or marinate, well, anything! Even better than its taste though, it also has 17 of the 20 essential amino acids we need meaning your food won’t just taste better, your body will feel better too! Some benefits include immune and central nervous system support, muscle building and more!

Hemp Oil

Move over olive oil and coconut oil, there’s a new player in town. Okay, she’s not new. But she is a new staple! Organic Cold-Pressed Hemp Oil isn’t just a nuttier tasting oil, perfect for adding a savory depth to your favorite recipes; it’s also better for you! Setting hemp oil apart is its ideal 3:1 omega-6 to omega-3 ratio, which can help the body metabolize fat. The essential fatty acids are heat sensitive, though, so use it raw or only lightly heated.


You probably think of this as an essential hummus ingredient but little else. But oh, how wrong you’d be! We love keeping Organic Tahini (the salt and sugar-free kind!) on hand both as a more savory substitute for nut butters, but also as a non-perishable avocado substitute. It’s hearty, delicious, creamy, filling, packed with healthy fats, and relatively neutral in flavor for a wonderful way to hearty-up all your favorite dishes. Your lunch salad have you hungry again 2 hours laster? Add a tablespoon or 2 of tahini!


This blend of spices (typically a Middle Eastern or Mediterranean blend of herbs mixed with sumac and sesame seed) can be added to olive oil for a divine bread dip or used to season everything from veggies to fish. We love whipping up this Za’atar Hummus Recipe, but really, you’ll find yourself using Za’atar for everything!

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