Want Whiter Teeth: Eat This

5 Foods for Whiter Teeth

Want a brighter, whiter smile but tired of everyone telling you what not to eat and drink (ahem, coffee and red wine)?

Instead of focusing on what not to do, Celebrity dentist and founder of Creative Dental Care, Dr. Joseph Banker, is all about the things you should add to your diet for whiter teeth.

Sure, cutting back and the coffee and wine will help too but in the meantime, start here!

Eat This For Whiter Teeth

Nuts. Almonds, cashews, walnuts, and sesame seeds are abrasive (helping to scrub away plaque and stains) and also simulate salivary flow (to help wash ’em all away). Plus, they help hydrate your skin from the inside out too!

Raw Vegetables. Foods that are high in fiber and slightly coarse can act as an edible toothbrush, scrubbing your teeth clean while you chew.

Strawberries. They contain malic acid that can help remove surface stains – like a chemical peel for your teeth! Mix 1 pureed strawberry with a tablespoon baking soda and gently brush with the mixture for whiter teeth.

Citrus Fruit. The tart taste stimulates saliva production while the acids from the fruit breakdown stains for whiter teeth. You can even use the inside of an orange peel to scrub the teeth!

Pineapple. It’s packed with an enzyme called bromelain, that can assist in removing stains for whiter teeth, deliciously.