5 Non-Diet Tips

Health Coaches Dish Out 5 Non-Diet Tips for Optimal Wellness

Sure, you eat plenty of fruits and veggies, drink water,and avoid processed foods to make your body fit and healthy. But when all is said and swallowed, are you truly nourished? Because it’s not just your salad that colors your world, it’s having balance in all areas of your life: a fulfilling career, positive relationships and time to spiritually connect with yourself.

Reaching your optimal balance in all of these areas will lead to health, happiness and limitless possibilities. Here are 5 wellness tips to complement your healthy diet, gathered from some of the most successful Integrative Nutrition Health Coaches:

Aim for 8 hours of sleep per night. Your cells rejuvenate while you sleep so that you wake up with energy, improved cognition and radiant glowing skin. It’s called “beauty sleep” for a reason!

Be active. Whether it’s yoga, jogging or dance, get yourself moving on most days of the week to keep your mind and body youthful and strong.

Be positive. Your emotions play a huge role in your overall health and happiness, so focus on the positive and believe in your ability to succeed. You’ll find that being positive attracts more positivity naturally.

Don’t stress. Stress negatively affects your immune system, making you more susceptible to inflammation, sluggish energy and overreacting towards others. So roll with the punches and don’t take yourself too seriously.

Love what you do and who you’re with. You spend 40 hours or more with your co-workers, and the rest of the time with your partner and friends, so don’t waste that precious time if you’re not fulfilled by these relationships. Do what you can to improve them or move on.

If you already eat wholesome foods, stay hydrated, are well rested, live an active life, stay positive, live stress-free and love your job, then congratulations! You’ve achieved great balance and are a shining example that it’s possible to have it all.

If you’re like most people, though, there’s at least one (or two or three… or more!) areas of your life that could use a little tweaking. Once you identify them, make gradual step-by-step changes to not only create a big impact on your health, but to also thrive in life. Your beauty will shine from the inside out!

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