5 Reasons To Quit Sugar

Thinking about quitting sugar? Whether your version of giving up sweets mean skipping dessert or cutting out fruit, it seems like everyone these days is talking about quitting sugar. It turns out: it’s for good reason.

Here are 5 reasons to quit sugar (your dashing good looks will thank you!)

1. Sugar begets sugar. Sure, you think you can just have one cookie. (But when do you really just have one cookie?!) And even if you refrain from diving into the whole box, sugar is addictive and that one cookies will lead to more tomorrow, and the next day, and the next.

2. Sugar can make you crazy (and sad). You see it in kids: give them birthday cake and they’re literally mad? Turns out, the same thing happens to some adults, leading to a high followed by a toddle-tantrum-like crash. For others, sugar causes mood swings or even depression. Struggling to feel happy and looking for it in the candy aisle? Try this instead.

3. Sugar is causing your skin to breakout. When you eat sugar, you radially increase your blood’s glucose levels, triggering a rise in insulin, which both increases inflammation (making any clogged pores look way worse) and sets off a hormonal response that can cause your body to pump out more sebum (the pore-clogging oil). The result: more and gnarlier breakouts.

4. Sugar is making you look old. According to Goop-guru and wellness expert, Dr. Frank Lipman, “sugar reduces collagen and elastin in the skin and causes free radical damage leading to pre-mature aging, wrinkles and dull skin.” Bottom line: that lollipop may make you feel like a kid, but it’s making you look decades older!

5. Sugar is making you sick. Sugar suppresses the immune system making you more likely to get sick – and stay sick longer. Wouldn’t you rather use those sick days for vacation anyway?!