5 Surprising Ways To Get Your Caffeine Fix!

How To Get Your Caffeine Fix Sans Coffee or Tea

Caffeine sometimes gets a bad wrap but for the majority of people its much touted health benefits have us sleep walking from cup to cup.

Whether you’re bored of your regular ‘ole cup of Joe, looking to amp up your caffeine intake, or just know there’s a day in your future during which you’d do anything to not feel a blink away from a coma, here are 5 surprising ways to get your caffeine fix (sans coffee or tea).

As an aside, while we typically only cover super healthy things in this column on TheBeautyBean, there’s (non-vegan, not-at-all healthy) ice cream in here because, well, life’s too short to ignore the fact that you can now have ice cream for breakfast. (Fine, that’s not the point, but whatever. #Moderation)

5 Surprising Ways To Get Your Caffeine Fix

Bai Antioxidant Infusion
If you need an energy boost but can’t stand coffee, check out Bai. Each bottle of this fresh fruit flavor infused beverage is packed with antioxidants and caffeine from the coffee fruit. 70mg of caffeine per serving, to be exact, or a bit less than the caffeine in your average cup of Joe.

STEEM Caffeinated Peanut Butter
Yup, you read that correctly: caffeinated peanut butter! And, yes, it’s as good as it sounds! With 150mg of caffeine per serving (the equivalent of two cups of coffee), this isn’t the peanut butter you want to find yourself spoon-deep in, but for breakfast this could be just what your day needs. Plus, according to the brand (we’re not experts in this, so we’ll leave it to you to judge), the caffeine in the peanut butter is absorbed more slowly than the caffeine in your cup of coffee, giving you a more sustained and consistent release of energy for a jitter-free day ahead.

Jolt Gum
Chew on this: with caffeine, guarana, and B-vitamins, two pieces of Jolt Gum packs the same punch as a cup of coffee, perfect for your caffeine fix when you’re on the run. Just be sure not to mix this up with your after-dinner breath-freshening gum… or you’ll be up all night!

CoffeeBar Chocolate
Satisfy your sweet tooth and energy lull with this caffeinated chocolate perfect for when you need a snack, caffeine, and something sweet all at the same time. Each fair trade coffee packed bar has the same amount of caffeine as your average cup of coffee – and is infinitely more delicious. Sure, there are other caffeinated chocolate companies (that’s not what makes this ground breaking), but what is unique about these caffeinated chocolate bars is that they’re 100% vegan, organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free too!

Bang! Caffeinated Ice Cream
Just one scoop of this caffeinated ice cream packs the same energy punch as a full on energy drink (so tread lightly before going for a double scoop!) but when an all-nighter is in your future, well, who wouldn’t want their favorite dessert to not only satisfy but also to energize?!