6 Fermented Foods You Should Eat For A Healthy Gut

Fermented Foods: What To Know + What To Eat

More and more, experts are agreeing that gut health is responsible for, well, just about everything from the radiance of your skin to the strength of your immune system, as well as all of your stomach ailments (from constipation to IBS, and everything in between) – and one of the best ways to boost your gut health: fermented foods.

What are fermented foods? 

Fermented foods are foods that are left to steep (or, you guessed it: ferment!) until their sugars and carbs are converted into acid and or alcohol. The result: a probiotic packed food that gives your gut all the healthy bacteria it needs to work its best.

While fermentation has been used as a method of preservation for thousands of years, today’s fermented foods are less about increasing shelf-life (although it’s certainly a perk!) and more about boosting your gut health.

So, how do you start increasing the amount of fermented foods in your diet?

Add These 6 Fermented Foods To Your Diet

1. Tempeh. These fermented soy beans are not only packed with probiotics for optimal gut health, but also are loaded with protein and all the essential amino acids, making it a complete source of vegan protein.

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2. Sauerkraut. It’s likely one of the fermented foods you’re most familiar with (hello, hot dog topping!) and it’s one you shouldn’t be afraid to stock up on (especially if you buy a sugar-free variety). Made from cabbage and salt, it’s packed with probiotics and fiber to both feel the heathy bacteria in your gut and help to pull out toxins from your digestive tract.

3.  Kombucha. The fermented drink has gone pretty mainstream, and for good reason. It’s not only great for your gut, it’s also an ideal substitute for soda lovers looking for a healthier version. Try to find one only minimally sweetened with natural fruit juice to keep the sugar low.

4.  Pickles. Think everything in this list sounds gross? Start with pickles, the gateway drug of fermented foods.

5.  Yogurt. You’ve heard Jamie Curtis tote the benefits of probiotics in yogurt – and she’s right. But for all you trying to cut out dairy (or limit it) look for a coconut or almond milk yogurt to give you your probiotic fix of fermented foods for breakfast.

6. Kimchee. It’s like the Korean version of Sauerkraut… with a kick! If you love spicy food, this spicy cabbage one of the fermented foods for you!

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