Freezer Staples: 6 Surprising Foods To Keep In The Freezer

Your Freezer Is Begging For These Foods!

A stocked freezer is as important for healthy (and, more importantly, DELICIOUS!) eating as a stocked fridge. We’re looking at you, lady with an ice-box full of ice cream and vodka. And, no, we’re not suggesting a stockpile of full of frozen peas (though, we will say: they’re seriously underrated!).

Instead, a perfectly stocked freezer is all about extending shelf-lives and ensuring you’re prepared for a healthy home-cooked meal whenever the mood strikes (and without a late-night run to Whole Foods).

Here are 6 surprising foods you should always keep in the freezer. Your wallet (and bellies!) will thank us!

Frozen Staples: 6 Surprising Foods To Keep In The Freezer

  1. Nuts. They go rancid if you keep them out, but stay good for, well, practically forever if you keep them frozen. Plus, some (like cashews!) are even yummier when cold and crunchy (to us anyway!).
  2. Bread. Bread, whether store bought or homemade, has a relatively short shelf-life once air gets in the bag. Keep your bread in the freezer though and you’ll always be prepared for a Roasted Eggplant Sandwich with White Bean Spread & Pesto craving!
  3. Pre-Cooked Beans. Ya know what’s delcious? BEANS! You know what’s a pain the butt to make?! BEANS! Sure, there are the canned variety (make sure they’re BPA-free!) but fresh beans are oh, so much better. So, whip up a BIG batch and store ’em in the freezer for a quick and easy bean fix anytime!
  4. Ginger. Gonna sound weird, but this stuff stays good for a whole year if kept frozen! Just grate it while frozen when you need a kick.
  5. Herbs + Garlic. It’s time that old-school ice-cube tray got some use, isn’t it? Fill each cube with fresh herbs, chopped garlic, or any combination thereof and top off with olive oil. Pop the tray in the freezer and you’ll have fresh herbs ready for the pan whenever you are!
  6. Meat + Vegetable Stock. Bought a box of stock to cook with and unsure what to do with the leftovers? You guessed it: freeze it! Either thaw or use as frozen whenever needed.

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