Here’s Why You Should Eat Seasonal + Local Produce

You may be used to eating pumpkin in the summer and berries in the winter, but when it comes to eating for optimum health (of your body, the earth, and your wallet), we should be eating more seasonally available local produce. And not just because it’s better for Mother Earth when we’re not shipping food across the globe. But rather because eating seasonally and locally is actually better for us!

Here’s why…

7 Reasons Eating Seasonally Is Better For You, Your Wallet, + The Planet

It Tastes Better. Seasonal produce is grown under optimum conditions and picked at its peak, making it tastier! You already know this, though, it’s why berries are so juicy in the summer and apples perfect in the fall.

There’s Less Pollution. When you buy produce that’s not in season it’s often shipped quite far (from a place where it either is in season or can be grown year-round). Mother Earth isn’t pumped about this.

It’s Grown With Fewer Pesticides + GMOs. Produce grown seasonally requires less human intervention to grow healthfully, resulting in fewer pesticides and less GMOs.

You’ll Save Money. When produce is in season (think watermelon in the summer) there is more of it and, as the rules of supply and demand dictate, the price drops. Bottom line: you’ll be able to get organic produce for far less money if you’re shopping in line with mother nature.

Produce Will Be Fresher. When your produce has to travel far to get from where it’s grown to where you live, it’s either picked too early to arrives past its peak. When you shop seasonally and locally you’re sure to get the freshest produce available.

It’s What Your Body Needs. Not only are individual pieces of produce more nutritious (see below), but also the variety available is actually better situated to your body’s seasonal needs. When the weather’s cold, you naturally crave warmer, heartier foods and mother nature gives ’em to you in the form of winter squashes. In the summer, when you’re spending more time in the sun, you require more antioxidant protection and mother nature gives you that too in the form of berries!

It Has More Vitamins/Mineral. Produce absorbs its nutrients from the sun and soil and each fruit and vegetable is perfectly poised to absorb just what it needs. When grown out of season, though, the necessary minerals, vitamins, sun lights, etc may not be available, resulting in produce that’s less nutrient-dense.

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