Should You Go Vegan?

By Jennifer Stone

Vegan diets can feel like just another health food trend, but going vegan boasts some serious benefits. Not only is a vegan diet rich in vitamins and nutrients essential for health, wellness and even beauty, but also a vegan diet is (or at least can be!) delicious.  Sure, it means giving up (or swapping out) some of your usual foods, but there are plenty of vegan substitutes for all your animal-based favorites. Love cheese? You can still enjoy almond cheese. Crave meat? Try seitan. In becoming a vegan (or just dabbling in a vegan diet), you become more open to a variety of new foods – and maybe even new experiences. And you most definitely tap into the health benefits of a vegan diet!

8 Reasons To Go Vegan

You Want Clear, Radiant Skin. It’s true that you are what you eat, so why not eat foods that promote beauty from within?

You’re Over PMS. Yup, you may be able to say bye-bye to cramps, bloating and mood swings (and Midol!) with a vegan diet!

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You Care About The Environment. A vegan diet is an environmentally friendly one since a lot of greenhouse gases come from livestock

You Want More Energy. When you eat processed foods that your body can’t recognize, your body needs to work really hard to digest. Feed your body foods that are easily digestible and the energy that you’ve been expending on digestion will be all yours.

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You Have High Cholesterol. A vegan diet is practically cholesterol-free so you’ll lower your cholesterol and your blood pressure.

You Love Your Heart. Meat is high in saturated fats, a large contributor to cardiovascular disease. Cut out meat, protect that precious heart of yours.

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You’re Constipated…Always. Talk about increasing your fiber intake! Go vegan and you’ll have better digestion, healthier and more regular bowel movements and be less prone to gastrointestinal problems like boating and constipation.

You Love Animals. Take a cue from Alicia Silverstone and try a vegan diet if for no other reason than that it won’t contribute to animal cruelty.

Or, as Albert Einstein said, 
“Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances of survival for life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.”


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