Beauty Bite: Beets

Detoxify, prevent acne, improve posture and more – with beets!

By Lauren Talbot

Beets aren’t just a great way to add all-natural sweetness to your morning green juice – or to stain your lips and cheeks when you find yourself without makeup (but somehow in possession of a bunch of beets!).

Rather, this naturally sweet root vegetable is also fiber-rich, alkalizing and packed with the anti-inflammatory minerals calcium and magnesium as well as betaine, which, all together, help to decrease stress, alleviate constipation, increase detoxification and support healthy muscles and bones. Bottom line: beets help you to detoxify, de-stress and work to support better posture – meaning you’ll have fewer breakouts, frown less (and therefore wrinkle less too!) and look taller and more confident.

Pretty Prescription: Rinse and bake raw beets on a cookie sheet for 45 minutes. Carefully remove and let cool for 6 minutes. Beets will easily slip out from their skins. (Immediately rinse hands of their colorful dye to avoid pink palms!) Slice and serve with goat cheese and basil, or add to your favorite salad for a pop of beautifying color. For optimal beauty benefits, enjoy ½ cup of fresh beets each week. Avoid canned beets, which don’t pack the same beautifying punch.