Beauty Bite: Garlic

Garlic sure is potent – but did you know it’s a potent beauty food too?

By Lauren Talbot

There’s a reason raw garlic is added to green juices and why it’s long been a favorite flavor around the world. And it’s not because of its affect on your breath! Rather, with antibiotic, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties, garlic can both boost both your health and your beauty.

Its ability to support intestinal bacteria, which can be diminished with poor diet, stress, prescription medications, and birth control pills, makes garlic quite the beauty boosting food. Not only because it will help to keep you healthy (and nothing compromises a glowing complexion more than a case of the sniffles!) but also because garlic can help to prevent aging and acne-causing yeasts and funguses from wrecking havoc on your skin.

Hey, there’s a reason they call garlic “Russian Penicillin” – and not just because it’s a surefire way to keep unwelcomed suitors away!

Pretty Prescription: Try thinly slicing a clove of garlic on a mandolin for a sweeter flavor. Add it to salads or brush a slice of whole grain toast with olive oil before topping with raw slices. Aim for a clove each day!