Bloated? Eat This To Fight Bloat

Bloated? Eat This.

It’s THAT time of the month and you’re bloated. You face feels puffy (don’t worry, you’re likely the only one who notices!), your pants are snug, and you just feel, well, bloated.

No, you didn’t gain weight overnight. You’re bloated, which is code word for “your body is retaining water.”

While you might think that skipping lunch is your best way to beat the bloat, you’d be wrong. This isn’t “real” weight we’re talking about. It’s fluid retention. (It’s why your rings are likely tight too!)

So, how can you beat the bloat?

Well, first, you need to load up on drinking water. We know, it seems counterintuitive to drink more water when the problem at hand is that your body is holding on to too much water, but, well, our bodies are complicated and one of the best ways to flush out the water your body is holding on to is by feeding it more water.

Think of it this way: in drinking more water you tell your body that there is ample water to be had and it can quit the camel-like water storage strategy it’s embarked on without your consent.

Next, snack on some steamed asparagus!

While many vegetables can leave you feeling gassy, asparagus is a natural diuretic, helping your body to flush out excess water.

The key here, though, is to steam or boil the asparagus because raw asparagus is difficult to digest and fat (even healthy fat) can make you more bloated – so you want to skip the sautéing and other oil-based cooking methods.

Bye-bye bloat. Hello smelly pee!

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