Can Cashews Fight Depression?

Can Cashews Boost Your Mood Better Than Antidepressants?

By Alexis Wolfer

There are few foods I love more than raw, frozen cashews.

(Yes, I keep them in the freezer – and yes, I highly recommend you try them).

I’d be lying if I hadn’t downed an entire family-sized bag in a day (on more than one occasion, in a single sitting).

In fact, they’re my go-to airport food (and if you know me at all – or follow me on Instagram – you know I spend an obscene amount of time in airports).

And while nuts get a bad wrap for their calorie density and fat content, I think calories are bullshit and know that fat doesn’t make you fat.

Plus, it turns out, that cashews could be responsible for keeping me sane in America’s most annoying airpots, with studies showing that two handfuls of cashews each day may fight depression as well as prescription antidepressants.


How Cashews Fight Depression

While not all depression is caused by the same triggers (and let us reiterate here that we’re not doctors!), some depressive episodes (like the winter blues) are influenced by a drop in serotonin, which cashews can help boost!

Cashews are high in tryptophans, which the body turns into serotonin, the feel-good neurotransmitter, which affects your mood, sleep patterns, and sex drive.


Plus, cashews are packed with magnesium, which, when low, can lead to mild depression, and vitamin B6, which both helps your body convert tryptophan into serotonin and helps with magnesium absorption.


How many cashews do you need to eat for the mood boosting benefits?

About two handfuls per day, according to experts.


To which we say, yum!