Dark Chocolate Health Benefits: New Study Has Us Licking Our Lips

By Alexis Wolfer

The New York Times this week reported that chocolate, in moderation (never one of our strengths!) is good for your heart. In fact, women (from Sweden in this study, although we’re not quite sure why that’s relevant,) who ate 1 to 2 servings of dark chocolate (between two-thirds of an ounce and one ounce) each week had almost one-third fewer cases of heart failure than those who avoided the sweet stuff. They say that chocolate may lower blood pressure and that the flavonoids in cocoa may reduce blood vessel inflammation. Regardless, we hear “chocolate” and we’re sold!

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The caveat (to be expected), for all you chocolate lovers out there, though, is, as they say, “less is more.” And, yes, too much of a good thing can be, well, not so good. If you need help with portion control, get your single-serving chocolate fix from MarieBelle’s individually wrapped handmade dark chocolates ($33 at saks.com).

Not so keen on the moderation part? Try having just one of MarieBelle’s chocolates before slathering your lips with PeaceKeeper Cause-Medics Chocolate Dream Balm ($8 at iamapeacekeeper.com) – it may not come with the health benefits but, heck, it sure tastes like it should!

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