Eating For Beauty: 5 Foods To Whiten Teeth

Need to lighten up (your smile, that is!)? Dr. Nancy Rosen may recommend Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips when white teeth are on the wish list, but when you’re in a bind, stranded on a desert island or just want to whiten your teeth naturally, load up on these 5 foods to brighten your smile and whiten your teeth!

Mint. About to down a teeth-staining coffee? Perhaps you should chew on some mint leaves first – and not only for their breath-freshening properties. Rather, mint leaves contain mineral compounds that create a thin film that coats your teeth and protects them against stain.

Orange Peels. While the acids in an orange peel should only be used sparingly (since the citric acid may cause erosion of enamel), rubbing the peel of an orange on your teeth can break down stains and whiten your teeth!

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Cheese. With its calcium and phosphate, cheese not only reduces your mouth’s acidity (essential for strong, stain-fighting teeth!) but also coats your teeth with calcium to help strengthen and rebuild tooth enamel too.

Olive Oil. It’s unclear how exactly this yellow-hued oil helps to whiten our teeth (and there’s no scientific proof… yet!) but it’s thought that the oil works like a polish to brighten your teeth!

Apples + Celery. Firm, crunchy fruits and vegetables like apples and celery remove plaque and other superficial stains on your teeth as you chew – like a DIY toothbrush!

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