Flaxseeds: 4 Ways To Add Flax To Your Diet

If you’ve been in any health food store recently, you’ve likely seen a whole lot of products boosting the benefits of flaxseeds. And, the fact is, you can practically boost the nutritional benefit of any recipe just by adding Flaxseeds! But what are these little brown seeds (they look like dark brown sesame seeds but with a much harder outer shell) and how can you add them to your diet? Well, according to Dr. Isaac Eliaz, flaxseed provides many benefits for the body’s systems due to its richness in alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), an essential fatty acid that can contribute to lower cholesterol levels, its high omega-3 fatty acid content, which helps decrease inflammation and may help promote breast health, and, because of its high fiber content, can also reduce bloating, promote digestion, reduce constipation and even help your body detox!

Bottom line: incorporating flaxseeds into your daily diet will offer a variety of health benefits! So, where do you get started? Here, of course, with a few easy ways to add flaxseeds to your diet from Dr. Isaac Eliaz

Garnish With Flaxseeds. Sprinkle flaxseeds into yogurt, cottage cheese, smoothies, salads and oatmeal for a fiber-filled crunch.

Make Flaxseed Porridge. Flaxseeds can be made into a porridge-type dish when you pour boiling water over flaxseed meal. The seeds will absorb the water and create a thicker consistency, to which you can add sweeteners or dried fruit. A pinch of salt will also add flavor and help absorb the water.

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Drink Flaxseed Tea. Flaxseed tea is particularly healing for the colon. To make this tea, pour 12 ounces of boiling water over a tablespoon of flaxseeds and steep for 30 minutes or longer (overnight is even better). You can then drain the seeds and drink the fluids to promote colon health.

Bake With Flaxseeds. Take any basic bread product recipe and add flaxseeds. Whether you’re whipping up pancakes, muffins or breads, just and add a pinch or a heap of flaxseeds to give it texture and added nutritional value.This is perhaps the simplest way to incorporate these beneficial seeds into your diet.

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Just remember, flaxseed is very high in fiber, so it is imperative to drink plenty of fluids while ingesting the seeds in order to help the flax flow through your system and encourage the removal of toxins through excretion.

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