Four Fast Fixes For Bad Breath

Freshen Your Breath, No Matter Where You Are

By Alexis Wolfer

With mistletoe dangling and New Years Eve kisses approaching, having good breath is essential. The rich meals of the holiday season, however, make minty sweet breath all but impossible – especially when your mouthwash and toothbrush are far from under the Christmas tree. Thankfully, the experts from Lowenberg & Lituchy have us covered with their discrete remedies that will eliminate bad breath no matter where the holiday season may take us.

4 Fast Fixes For Bad Breath

Gnaw on Garnish. The herbs that garnish your dinner plate not only decorate your dish, but also can help to neutralize bad breath caused by sulfides given off by the bacteria in dental plaque. Chew on the parsley and you’ll be kissable in no time!

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Drink Up. Vodka kills the bacteria in the mouth that causes bad breath. Just be sure to steer clear of sugary mixed drinks, which can bind to the teeth and trigger odor causing bacteria. And be sure to limit your cocktails or, well, you’ll be doing more than just kissing under that (public) mistletoe.

Have a Cucumber. Place a slice of cucumber on your tongue and press it up onto the roof of your mouth for 90 seconds. It will make your mouth cool and fresh in no time!

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Natural Mint. If onion or garlic-topped foods have you checking your breath, head to the bar for a sprig of mint to chew on – or just order a vodka mojito to kill two birds (or breaths) with one stone.

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