By Alexis Wolfer

Pineapple and mango are fruits that, until now, we have always avoided buying in their un-cut, whole states. We didn’t even know how to attempt to make a prickly pineapple or smooth-skinned mango edible. So, like many of you, we were left either splurging on the pre-cut versions or, sadly, going without the juicy fruits. That is, until we finally decided to do something about it. After much trial and error, we’re here to let all of you in on how to cut these fabulous fruits on your own so you no longer have to pay extra or avoid these sweet snacks.

Add mango and pineapple to this fruit salad!

1. Prep it. Start by cutting off the tops and bottoms so neither the pineapple nor the mango roll around while you prepare them.

2.  Skin it. Standing the fruit on its now-flat bottom, carefully cut the skin off. For the mango, cut the skin off in the same way you would peel an apple. For the pineapple, cut the skin off in straight strips trying to discard as little edible fruit as possible.

Spring clean your diet, easily!

3.  Core it. Mangos, which are oval, have large flat cores that slice through the middle of the fruit (you will feel it as you start cutting). The easiest way to cut the core out is to stand the mango up and cut off pieces as close to the core as possible. Cut into smaller pieces as desired. (Still not sure where the core is? Don’t worry too much. If you start cutting you will feel the resistance of the core.)  For pineapples, the core is much more obvious. Just cut the fruit away from the cylindrical core.

Suddenly seems simple, huh?

Now that you know how to peel them, be sure you know when they’re ready to eat as well. For pineapple, pull out a leaf from the top. If it slides out easily, it is ready. If it resists the tug, give it another day or two. For mango, ignore the color (green is not indicative of its readiness) and instead look for a mango that responds to slight pressure but isn’t soft.

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