Frozen Berries For The Win

Yes, You Should Buy Frozen Berries

We know, we know: fresh is usually best.

But not always.

And, no, we’re not just talking about for your wallet.

For your health too!

Here’s The Deal With Frozen Berries

Frozen berries aren’t just mega cheap (compared to their fresh favorites, especially this time of year!), they’re also packed with prime-time nutrition.

You know why? Because they’re picked when ripe and frozen immediately to pack in that freshness.

Turns out that fresh berries this time of year are actually less nutritious than when they’re in season. Fresh blueberries, for example, pack less than 33% of the vitamin C than their frozen blueberry brothers (and sisters… but, well: alliteration for the win).

And, yes, they’re also like $3 for a whole bag instead of like $7 for a small carton this time of year for a slew of reasons: they’re likely grown more locally, they’re harvested both in season and in bulk, they are less prone to damage during shipping, and more. (And while we know there is a greater than 0% chance of the hell freezing over with Trump in office, well, it doesn’t mean we want to squander all our cash on fruit.)

Hint Hint: almost all recipes that call for fresh berries can be replaced with frozen berries too!

So, stock up and get busy. These Gluten-Free + Dairy-Free Raspberry Pecan Muffins won’t bake themselves!

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