Gluten Free Carbs: Everything You Need To Know (Plus 13 To Try Today!)

By Lauren Talbot

For a lot of us who have chosen (or been medically forced or inclined) to go gluten-free, we can feel at a loss when searching for gluten free carbs.

But here’s the deal: when it comes to food, almost everything we eat has protein, fat, and carbohydrates. So while we tend to group them based on their relative proportion of protein, fat, or carbohydrates (naming rice a “carb,” for example, because it has more carbohydrates than protein and fat), even the foods we think of as fats (like avocados) have both protein and carbohydrates too. You see, carbohydrates just refer to the starches, sugars, and fibers from plants, which, when digested, are broken down into useable forms of sugar. And they’re in everything.

But we digress (hey, what can we say, a little nutrition lesson never hurt y’all!)…

Gluten is the highly inflammatory protein found in wheat that gives bread its elasticity. It affects us all in different ways, but because it creates an inflammatory response in the body, almost everyone feel better after reducing or eliminating gluten from his or her diet.

Going gluten free and in search of gluten free carbs?

If you like grains… Try a more alkaline-forming grain like amaranth, buckwheat, millet, or quinoa. Think of alkalinity as your “beauty scale,” with alkaline-forming foods being beauty enhancing and acid-forming foods being beauty depleting. Oats should also be naturally gluten-free, although many are contaminated during the growing or packaging process, so look for a gluten-free stamp of approval. And rice, although less nutritious, is also gluten free. Just be sure to look for a whole grain brown rice versus white rice.

If you are looking for a gluten-free crunch… try organic corn tortilla chips or organic sweet potato chips. Corn, beans, and potatoes are all gluten-free.

If you want a starch… All produce is technically gluten-free, but potatoes or winter squashes are probably what you are looking for when your craving “carbs.” Try to aim for more color, as you will get a wider variety of nutrients. Sweet potatoes and yams for instance are a much more nutrient-dense choice than white potatoes. Don’t hesitate to try other delicious varieties like butternut, acorn, spaghetti, pumpkin, and kabocha either.

13 Gluten Free Carbs To Try:


Winter Squash