By Margaux J. Rathbun

We’ve all heard it said before that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. (You’ve likely even heard it here.) Yet all too many of us are skipping out on this morning meal (or scarfing down a sugary bowl of cereal – ahem, yup, we’re talking to you) and then wondering why we feel exhausted during the day, have trouble waking up in the morning and constantly crave sweets and caffeine. (And yes, they’re related.) If you’re one of the many who skip breakfast or grab some type of pastry loaded with refined carbohydrates and sugar, it’s no wonder you’re suffering the effects of a major energy crash midday and are more apt to overeat by mid-afternoon.

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Need help figuring out what to eat for a healthy breakfasts that will help you feel fresh and energized during your day? Here’s the solution…


Berry-Yummy Breakfast Couscous

1 C couscous
1 C organic apple juice
1 C organic cranberry juice
1 cinnamon stick
2 tsp of orange zest
1 C organic raspberries
1 C organic blueberries
1 C organic strawberries
Greek-yoghurt (plain or with added honey)

Give any meal a superfood boost with these tips!

Put the couscous in a bowl. Pour the apple and cranberry juice into a saucepan and add cinnamon stick. Cover and bring to a boil, the remove from heat and pour over the couscous. Cover with plastic wrap and let set for about 5-6 minutes. Liquid should be all absorbed. Remove the cinnamon stick. Separate the couscous grains with a fork and fold in the orange zest and berries. Spoon mixture in serving bowl and top with extra berries and a dollop of Greek yoghurt.

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