Healthy Dessert Recipe: A Healthier Take On A Classic Banana Split

By Latham Thomas

This sweet banana split dessert smoothie is sure to be a favorite for all of you who want to stay healthy throughout the holiday season.  Whether you whip it up while your friends snack on their Halloween treats or while your family goes up for seconds of that buttery cake your great aunt makes every Thanksgiving, you’ll be sure never to feel deprived while you stay healthy.

The healthiest pumpkin treat!

With frozen cherries, banana and raw cacao nibs or cocoa powder, you’ll be transported back to the banana split licking days of your childhood (all the while the potassium rich banana and magnesium rich cacao prevent high bloods pressure!).  Not into Almond Milk? Substitute any milk variety of your choice!

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Banana Split Smoothie

1 cup frozen cherries
1 tbsp cacao nibs or cocoa powder
1/2 banana peeled
1 3/4 cups Almond milk (or other milk)

Place all the ingredients in high-speed blender and process until smooth.

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