5 Tips For Better Health in 5 Minutes

Set A Morning Routine. Whether you enjoy meditating or think it’s a bit kooky, take 5 minutes before getting out of bed to relax, breathe deeply and set your intention for the day. You’ll keep your stress levels in check and your mental and physical health in tip top shape.

How to be a morning person!

Listen Up. Taking a music break when you’re stressed out can lower your stress levels after listening to just one song. And we all know the havoc stress can wreck on our bodies!

Pack Your Own Lunch. Bringing your own lunch to work or school will not only ensure you stick to your healthy eating plan but will also save you money too! Plus, it’s better for the environment too – and a healthier mother earth is a healthier you too!

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Catch Some Rays. Sun gets a bad rap – and rightfully so (hello skin cancer!) – but the fact is that a few minutes of natural sunlight can reduce stress, boost mental clarity, kick your immune system up a notch and just brighten your mood! So, take a walk around the block for a few minutes and get healthier too!

Chew More. Next time you sit down for a meal, really sit down for that meal and take your time. When we rush, we often don’t chew our food completely, leaving our bodies working harder to digest all we consume and making us more likely to suffer digestive issues. By spending just 5 more minutes eating your lunch today, you’ll feel better and healthier!

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