Healthy & Quick Dessert Recipe: Vanilla Ricotta Crème

Vanilla Ricotta Crème Recipe

By Kate Aquillano

When you’re looking for an easy, healthy and decadent-tasting dessert for your next dinner party (or just for Monday night dessert by yourself!), whip up this light Vanilla Ricotta Crème recipe.

With low-fat ricotta cheese and whatever toppings strike your fancy, this dessert recipe is fast, easy, and very customizable to accommodate your every last craving.

Basically, we like to think of it as our version of a grown-up ice cream sundae.

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Vanilla Ricotta Crème Recipe

1/2 c Part-Skim Ricotta Cheese
1/4 t Vanilla Extract
2 Packages of stevia or sweetener of choice, to taste
Toppings, as desired

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Mix together the ricotta cheese, vanilla extract and sweetener of choice in a medium sized bowl. For a more of a whipped texture, use an electric hand beater.

Next, top it with whatever you like! We added espresso powder, mini chocolate chips and slices of bananas in one and in the other we topped the ricotta crème with fresh strawberries and toasted coconut, but be creative!

Or, better yet, let your guests create their own by arranging a variety of toppings in a self-serve sundae style!

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