Artichoke Salad Recipe: Warm Artichoke, Fava Bean & Shitake Salad

Warm Artichoke Salad Recipe With Fava Bean & Shitake

By Latham Thomas

With winter upon us, our bodies crave the warmth of hot meals – but our minds still hope for healthy options.

When the healthy salad recipes we’re so used to relying upon for a healthy lunch no longer seem to cut it and we’re looking for warm foods to ease the wintery chill, this artichoke salad recipe is the way to go.

Plus, artichoke hearts are rich in manganese, which enhances thyroid function, fava beans support the spleen, pancreas and kidney meridians, and the flavorful shitake mushrooms work to lower blood cholesterol levels and even help boost the immune system.

Healthy Artichoke Salad Recipe: Warm Artichoke, Fava Bean & Shitake

2 tbsp olive oil
8 1/2 oz shitake mushrooms, halved
2 tbsp lemon juice
2 tbsp ground cumin
1 pound fava beans shelled
1 small bunch parsley, finely chopped
1 tsp tumeric
1 pound artichoke hearts, cooked
sea salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste
1 bay leaf
1/2 cup water

Heat oil gently in a large pan. Add the spices, then the mushrooms and sauté for a few minutes before adding the fava beans, artichokes and water. Heat through and simmer until beans are tender. Add lemon juice and parsley. Season your artichoke salad and serve.

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