Healthy Snack Ideas: Pre-Packaged, Healthy & Easy To Pack

Staying healthy on the go can be a challenge. While preparing fresh cut veggies ahead of time or packing an almond butter and banana sandwich on Ezekiel bread is likely the healthiest on the go snack or meal, when you’re tight on time and even minimal kitchen skills aren’t high on your list of talents, try these pre-made snacks that will keep you healthy and happy on the run – so you can stress less about your diet and more about making that flight.

3 Pre-Packaged, Healthy & Easy To Pack Snack Ideas

GoBites ($30 for 14 packs at  The worst kind of snacking on the go comes when you’re unprepared, wandering around a convenience store looking for something – anything – that resembles real food. Never end up in that situation again when you sign up for GoBites. The healthy, organic and satisfying snacks are pre-packaged and personalized making it easier than ever to keep healthy snacks everywhere you may need them – like in your desk drawer, car and purse. Sign up at and you get 14 mini snacks of your choosing – options range from 100% organic dried fruit to gluten-free granolas and everything in between – all delivered straight to your door for less than $30.

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Little Duck Organics ($3.99 at They may be made for kids, but Little Duck Organics’ teeny-weeny bite-sized snacks are great for even those or us who are just kids at heart. With no sugar added, these delicious, dried snack-sized fruits are easily portable, perfectly crunchy and sure to satisfy. Plus, they make for a delicious yogurt or oatmeal topping!

Seasnax ($8.95 for 6-Pack at You may be skeptical of snacking on seaweed, but one taste of the seriously addictive roasted seaweed sheets will have you diving in. Not only is seaweed one of the richest sources of minerals, but also it’s vegan, gluten free and made using just 100% olive oil and just a pinch of sea salt. They’re like potato chips, without the guilt.

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