Healthy Tuna Fish Salad Recipe

A tuna fish salad sandwich can be the perfect lunch, especially with its high protein content and overall deliciousness. But the potential mercury hazards associated with tuna (we suggest just eating is a couple of times per week, no more) are not the only downfalls on the health front. Rather, most tuna fish salads are loaded with unhealthy fats that far outweigh the inexpensive and protein-rich meal’s wonderful benefits – unless you make our healthy version, of course! So, next time you’re craving a tuna sandwich, skip out on the store bought variety and whip up this easy, healthy and cheap version instead!

The most delicious vegetarian sandwich ever!

Healthy Tuna Fish Salad Recipe

1 can tuna fish, in water
2 Tbsp fat-free Greek Yogurt
1 Tsp salsa
Salt and pepper to taste

You can mix this corn salsa in as well!

Drain tuna well before mixing with yogurt and salsa. Add salt and pepper to taste. Serve immediately as a topping to a salad, on whole grain bread or just eat it plain! If you prefer your tuna to be more “dry,” add yogurt in slowly until you achieve the desired consistency.

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