By Latham Thomas

There are many things lying in our kitchen cabinets and refrigerators that not only taste great but also impact our health. And while you may have heard all about the benefits of antioxidant-rich berries or omega-3 fatty acids, some of the most common condiments in your fridge can actually benefit your health as well!

Ketchup is rich in lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that’s also wonderful for promoting heart health. Just be sure to reach for the organic, sugar free version so you’re not getting things you don’t want in there.

Mustard is a drying, warming spice, great if you often feel chilly or are prone to getting upper respiratory infections. Mustard also has the capacity to increase the body’s metabolic rate, which is not only beneficial for the body, but also eases the process of digestion.

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Honey is an excellent immune stimulant, which is why we love it in tea when we’re feeling under the weather, but also it’s wonderful to apply topically to soothe dry winter skin.

Olive oil is another condiment that works wonders when both consumed internally and applied externally.  It’s not only a heart healthy fat that’s great for the digestive system, but also wonderful as a moisturizer on the delicate skin of our lips, cuticles, split ends.

Sauerkraut may be yummy on hot dogs, but it’s the cabbage’s health benefits that have us chowing down. Cabbage has actually been applied directly to the skin for centuries to heal wounds due to its high levels of sulfur, a natural antibacterial. And, when combined with juniper berries and fermented, as in sauerkraut, it produces amazing digestive enzymes, which we especially need to supplement as we age.

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Sea salt is essential for maintaining the body’s electrolyte balance. Pick an unrefined variety to benefit from the 84 live elements found in sea water. Plus, it’s more flavorful too!

Apple cider vinegar can topically soothe insect bites and, when added to your diet, can even help with acid reflux and digestion!

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