How To Save Money… And Your Diet

By Kelly Lynn Adams

How much money do you spend on food each week?

Are you, like most of us, spending 30% – 50% of your monthly budget on food?

Want to save money and eat more healthfully but don’ know how? Start here! So how can you save money on food and still eat well?

Eat Out Less (Duh). This may be an obvious one, but dining out is costly. And not just because it’s more expensive to eat out than to prepare your own food. But also because you’re never quite sure how healthy those seemingly healthy choices really are. Save your diet and money by grocery shopping and preparing some healthy, easy and delicious meals at home like our healthy stuffed peppers recipe or our delicious peanut-miso kelp noodles.

Stock Up. When it comes to your kitchen staples with a long shelf-life (like nuts, seeds, grains and beans), stock up when they are on sale. Sure, you may spend more now, but you’ll save loads later! Plus, by having staple ingredients always at your disposal, preparing meals will be much easier.

Plan More, Shop Less. Planning your meals ahead of time not only means less time spent going to the grocery store (and, yes, time is money!) but also means less temptation to purchase items that you really don’t need.

Make A List, Check It Twice. Before you go grocery shopping, make a list of what you really need. A lot of times we just buy to buy thinking “some day” we will need this, which costs us more money in the end. Keep your list laser-beam focused and just buy what you absolutely need.

Buy Local. Buying produce from local farmers not only supports your local economy, but also cuts out the middle man for more affordable produce. Check companies like Farm Fresh To You, which deliver local produce to you, join a CSA or just visit a local farmer’s market.