How To Eat Like A Yogi: A Guide To Eating With Meditation

By Kelly McLendon

Sometimes the day is so busy, it seems rushing through meals is inevitable. If you feel like your life has been taken over by the hustle and bustle, try this yogic eating meditation to get back on track. Take a few minutes to re-energize your mind, as well as your palate, with this quick and simple food meditation.

Collect a plate and fill it with the following items:

1 blueberry
1 salt and vinegar potato chip
1 piece of organic chocolate (for best results, try dark chocolate for extra antioxidants!)

Find a comfortable place to sit. It can be at the table, or simply on the floor. Take a seat and close your eyes. Inhale, bringing your arms up and over your head. Bring your palms together and bring them down to your heart center. Take two more deep, cleansing breaths. Focus your intentions on the present. This moment is for you, right now.

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Pick up the potato chip from the plate. Close your eyes and taste a small piece. Let it sit on your tongue and observe the texture of the chip. Next, think about the flavor. How does the salty taste make you feel? Does it remind you of anything? Take time to slowly let the chip melt on your tongue, until it disappears.

Take two more cleansing breaths. Inhale, hold the breath for three counts and then exhale. Pick up the piece of chocolate and close your eyes. Take a moment to feel the edges of the chocolate. Consider how it feels in your fingers. Sample a piece, slowly and carefully. Let it melt on your tongue, letting your senses absorb the unique taste.

Stop for a moment and let your taste buds rest before proceeding with the blueberry. After a few minutes, pick up the blueberry and look at its shape and color. Take note of what it looks like. Place the fruit on your tongue. Just let it melt there, as you did before, without chewing. Experience the rich flavor of the blueberry. Compare it to the potato chip and the chocolate square.

At the end of the tasting, take a moment to consider how slowing down and allowing your body to really taste the food (instead of rushing through it) felt. Did the blueberry create a more lasting flavor than the other two?

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