Picture this: you’re on a hot date and, well, your breath is hot (in the worst way possible). You reach into your purse for a mint or gum and realize you have neither. Ahhh, panic mode sets in. Not only is a kiss out of the question, but if your date gets too close you may as well say buh-bye to that second date too.

So, here’s what you can do…

Gnaw on Garnish. The herbs that garnish your dinner plate can help to neutralize bad breath caused by sulfides given off by the bacteria in dental plaque. So save some of that parsley atop your entrée and get chewing. Better yet, sneak a pinch into your purse when your date is away from the table and chew in the restroom so you can make sure you’re not left with greens in your teeth (also a turn off!).

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Covet a Cucumber. This one may seem a little surprising, but one of the main causes of bad breath is dry mouth and cucumbers are extremely hydrating (and cooling). Just place a slice of cucumber on your tongue and press it up onto the roof of your mouth for up to 90 seconds to neutralize the odor.

Get Spicy. When you think of cuisines that fight bad breath, Indian and Mexican won’t likely come to mind. (In fact, most of us think of those as first-date no-nos.) But, the fact is, that spicy dinner options like Indian or Mexican not only increase saliva production which can help wash away odor causing bacteria, but also spices like cardamom and cilantro can give you a temporary respite for your woes.

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Eat Dessert. When the dessert menu comes your way, steer clear of that chocolate cake and instead look for a dessert full of berries, oranges or apples, which will strengthen your breath by increasing saliva production and washing your mouth in Vitamin C, a sure-fire way to kill bad breath causing bacteria!

Sip Tea. If you can skip the coffee, sip lemon tea. Lemons can do wonders at neutralizing garlic!

Get Tipsy. Okay, so getting drunk isn’t the answer, but washing your mouth in alcohol will kill the bacteria in the mouth that causes bad breath. Just be sure to steer clear of sugary mixed drinks, which can bind to the teeth and trigger odor causing bacteria. The best bet: a mojito, which, with its mint and alcohol, will kill two birds (or breaths) with one stone.

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