Last night I was at my friend Arielle Fierman’s apartment. As dinner time rolled around and we considered ordering in or heading to Whole Foods, Arielle quickly volunteered to “whip something up.”

Now, in my world, preparing a dinner for guests (even if it is just a few girlfriends) seems like an anxiety attack waiting to happen – okay, that’s an exaggeration, but I’d certainly need some warning (if only to buy groceries since my fridge is more likely to be packed with fruits, vegetables and a few condiments that anything I would consider adequate sustenance for a filling meal). But for Arielle, a holistic wellness coach and the founder of Be Well With Arielle, it was a no brainer.

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While I should have known that Arielle would quickly – and triumphantly – rise to occasion, preparing a healthy, delicious and filling meal, what I didn’t expect was how quickly she’d be able to do it. Oh, and she accommodated all of the dietary requests of the guests in a single dish, seamlessly.

The result was a big bowl of gluten-free Kelp Noodles with Peanut-Miso Dressing that literally took her 10 minutes to make, using all ingredients she had in her kitchen! And man oh man was it delicious. So delicious in fact that there was an email chain going around this morning that included at least two non-chefs discussing the need to make this again ASAP – and by that we meant tonight. (Yes, it was really that good! Anyway, enjoy!)

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For all of you unfamiliar with kelp noodles (I just discovered them fairly recently myself), kelp is a raw, gluten-free, wheat-free and sugar-free type of seaweed that has the look of spaghetti. Rinsed and eaten right out of the bag (no cooking required, although you can warm them up if you want), kelp noodles are a slightly crunchy, neutrally flavored noodle packed with nutrients that aid in digestion, boost metabolism, help thyroid function, strengthen bones and teeth. More beautiful teeth and a fast metabolism? Sign me up!

Kelp Noodles with Peanut-Miso Dressing

1 package Kelp Noodles
1 Tbsp miso paste
3 Tbsp peanut butter
1 Tbsp toasted sesame oil
½ cup water (to thin)
1 avocado
4 stems kale
Dash of white pepper
Dash of toasted sesame seeds

Rinse noodles under warm water. In a blender, combine the miso paste, peanut butter, sesame oil and water. Chop kale and avocado into bite sized pieces. Toss noodles, kale, avocado and sauce to coat. Top with white pepper and sesame seeds to taste.

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