7 Ways To Prevent a Hangover

Eat Up. Common sense tells us that drinking on an empty stomach is a bad idea, but there is scientific truth to this as well. When we eat (especially fatty foods that cling to our stomach linings) we slow the absorption of alcohol and dilute the effects, so before you hit the bottle, hit the kitchen. Added bonus: eat something with olive oil – it’s an old Mediterranean remedy and heart healthy too!

A healthy, filling and hangover preventing dinner idea!

Take a Multivitamin. Too much alcohol can deplete your body’s nutrients, so take a multivitamin before heading out to minimize the loss!

Choose Your Drink Wisely. While research has yet to confirm that some types of alcohol are more hangover-prone than others, listen to your body. Always get a headache when you drink red wine? Try beer tonight instead.

Hydrate. Alcohol is very dehydrating – and actually inhibits a hormone that keeps your body hydrated – so it’s important to drink lots of water not only while you’re out, but also once home to rehydrate. An even better choice (and one that athletes and celebrities swear by) is coconut water. It’s rich in electrolytes, potassium and sodium – making it nature’s healthy alternative to the sport’s drink.

How to look hangover-free, even if you’re not!

Take Mercy on Yourself, Sip a Hangover Preventing Drink. Mercy ($11.50 for 4 cans), a new hangover prevention drink, claims to help counter the effects of up to 5 alcoholic beverages. And while we’ve yet to road test this claim (mainly because we’re not sure we’d remember to drink Mercy if we were to sip 5 cocktails… what can we say, we’re lightweights!) the blend of amino-acids, antioxidants and vitamins is formulated to neutralize acetaldehyde (a by-product of alcohol that weakens you immune system and causes nausea, headaches and sluggishness) to jumpstart your body’s natural hangover-prevention process to prevent a hangover the next morning.

Take 2 Aspirin Before Bed. Aspirin will not only help you stay headache-free, but also will help to counteract the inflammation caused by alcohol, helping you heal while you sleep.

Eat a Hangover Cure Breakfast. Cysteine, found in eggs, milk, yogurt and granola, has been shown to help counteract the hangover causing effects of alcohol.

Try this yogurt parfait recipe!


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