How To Stop Emotional Eating in 3 Steps

Feeling Your Way To Healing

By Katie Dalebout

Why do I do that? Why did I over eat? Why did I have that final scoop of almond butter?

Sound familiar?

I wanted to keep going after my stomach was full because I didn’t want to feel emptiness somewhere else. When I try to define the feeling I don’t want to feel there’s so many I can’t even define it so I’d rather draw out my meal than heal.

As I switched off between going to bed with guilt of what I’d eaten that day or pride of what I didn’t eat, I was using food (or, more accurately, restriction of food) to distract myself from all the emotions I didn’t want to feel.

In constantly obsessing about my next meal, overeating and spending hours researching healthy recipe blogs, I was measuring my happiness (or lack thereof) in calories.

So, what’s the key to having a healthy relationship with food? You have to start feeling. Really feeling.

It’s not easy. Emotions can be – often are! – scary.

But burying them in a tub of ice cream isn’t the answer either.

So, what’s the secret to breaking free of a life of dieting and emotional eating? Feeling.

To truly heal you must feel.

It sucks sometimes and sometimes it’s really beautiful. But wouldn’t you rather feel the richness of true love even if it means you have to feel the deep sadness of loss too?

Do you want to heal enough to feel?

3 Steps To Feeling Your Way To Freedom From Emotional Eating

1.  Put Feelings To Paper. Before you can address your feelings, you need to know what they are. In my healing, my journal has been my best friend in getting clear on my feelings so that I can begin to start healing them.

2.  Feel It. To feel the depth of your emotions, you need to really feel it. Spend 90 seconds and silence the tools you usually use to quiet any unwanted emotions. Simply feel what is going on.

3.  Feed Your Feelings With Passion. Rather that feeding your feelings with food, feed them with emotional love. Feeling lonely? Reach out to a friend. Need touch? Get a pedicure! Most importantly, though, take time to find your passion. When you’re passionate about living your best life (whatever that means for you) your focus will shift to that and slowly fall away from food.

It’s not easy. In fact, it’s the most difficult thing I’ve ever done in my life and is a constant practice I deal with every single day. But it’s worth it.