If You Only Follow 1 Diet Tip, Do This (…+ 6 Farmers Market Tips!)

By Quinn Asteak and Robyn Youkilis of {Healthy} Cooking Camp

Can you feel better just by eating with the seasons?

Sounds simple enough, right?

If you’re the type to grab the same breakfast every morning, order the same lunch no matter the weather, and prepare the same few dinners every day, we feel you.

We were you.

But now,  it’s time to mix things up!

Our bodies need change.  It’s natural.  

As in, that’s what happens in nature!  As the seasons change, so do our naturally growing food sources.

Every other animal eats a local, seasonal diet…and you should too!

So, how can you incorporate eating with the seasons into your daily diet in a real way?  Easy, make it a point to visit your local farmers market as much as possible.  Let your meals be dictated by what’s growing locally right now.

Whatever is in season is going to be the freshest and most affordable, not to mention the most full of nutrients which will keep you looking and feeling radiant.

However, with all the overflowing produce and ingredients you may not recognize, farmer’s markets can sometimes feel a little overwhelming .  To make the experience as simple and easy as possible here’s our Farmer’s Market 101 guide!

Firstly, it’s important to go with some reusable shopping bags.  They make it easier to schlep your bounty and are good for the environment.  We like the ones that roll up into a neat little velcro package since they’re easy to toss in your purse when not in use.

Next, put your brave face on because it’s really, really important to talk to your farmers.  Engage them, ask them questions, find out where your food came from! Quinn wrote a comprehensive “How To Talk To Your Farmer” Guide with all of the questions you can/should ask your local farmer and tells you exactly how to engage your farmer in an easy, breezy convo.

Finally, here is what you should pick up…

  • 1 Leafy green: Because you should always, always have leafy greens in your diet.  The more, the healthier (and merrier too!).

  • 1 Veggie that seems to be abundant: You know, that thing that seems to be at every stand.  Get some!  Veggies that are in season always taste best and when something is abundant it is also very affordable.

  • 1 In-season fruit: Satisfy your sweet tooth with some seasonal fruits.  This time of year it’s all about apples pears or if you can find ’em, persimmons and pawpaws.

  • 1 Frivolous item that you’ve never cooked with before: This is how you learn!  Be brave, be bold.  And then get to googling…

  • Raw Honey: This is nectar of the gods!  Raw honey has tons of medicinal properties.  Its like a low grade antibiotic so it’s amazing for immunity and will help you build up a tolerance to seasonal allergies in your area.

  • Pasture Raised Eggs: You haven’t eaten eggs until you’ve eaten pasture raised eggs.  They just taste better, richer and have way more flavor.  Crack these babies open and prepare to be amazed at the vibrance of the orange yolk.

Staying in tune with nature is the simplest way to get your glow on, all year round.