If You’re Going To Drink Milk, Research Says: Drink Full-Fat Milk!

Why Full-Fat Milk Is Healthier Than Skim Milk

As if there wasn’t enough evidence that the United States’ “War On Fat” was an epic failure, a new study published in the journal Circulation, has found further evidence that our country’s obsession with fat-free everything – especially milk – has, well backfired.

In this new study, Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian and his colleagues analyzed the blood of thousands of adults over about 15 years and found that people who had consumed more full-fat dairy had, on average, a 46% lower risk of diabetes than those with lower levels.

Or, as Mozaffarian says, “There is no prospective human evidence that people who eat low-fat dairy do better than people who eat whole-fat dairy.”

While past studies have posited that those who consume low-fat milk and other dairy are more likely to consume more sugar and carbohydrates, this study controlled for that variable and still found that low-fat dairy was the worse choice.

Think this is a fluke?

Another separate study published in the American Journal of Nutrition found that women who consumed the most full-fat dairy products lowered their risk of being overweight of obese by 8%.

Fat, it turns out, doesn’t make you fat. It also doesn’t make you unhealthy. Rather, the focus on the reduction of a single macro-ingredient often does more harm than good. As Mozaffarian told Time Magazine, “This is just one more piece of evidence showing that we really need to stop making recommendations about food based on theories about one nutrient in food.”

Or, as we like to say: stop demonizing macro-ingredients.

Fat, carbs, and protein each have their place in a healthy diet. The key: more whole foods, less fake foods.