By Isabel Foxen Duke

I don’t know about you, but for more years than I care to remember, dieting made me a boring, un-fun person with no life.

Weight loss was an all-consuming mission and chore that left little room for anything else.

I used to joke that if I re-directed all the energy I’ve dedicated to dieting over the years towards something humanitarian, I would have a Nobel Peace Prize right now.

The thing is, it never occurred to me that the self-induced drudgery of every f’ing diet I went on was actually OPTIONAL, if not super unhelpful. I called up Cara Leyba, creator of the Champagne Diet, to discuss.

“The most important part of looking and feeling great is lust for life, and food is a part of that.”

For Cara, that meant bringing on the bubbly! Having a little bit of champagne everyday made her feel glamorous and sexy — she began to enjoy food and life to the fullest, which made food so much less important, and duh, she ended up eating less.

When we’re having fun and living awesome lives, food isn’t all that important and we stop fantasizing about raiding the cabinets every ten minutes. Similarly, when we allow ourselves to enjoy “glamorous” treats, they’re no longer the forbidden fruit we fantasize about all day long like hungry baby lions.

The biggest problem with “wanting to lose weight” is that we believe we have to lose weight before we can enjoy a fine piece of chocolate, or more importantly, before we can go out in the world and shake what our mamas gave us.

Denying yourself of L.I.F.E. is boring and makes you eat more in the long run. Besides, you’re way too cool and interesting to stay in on a Friday night counting your points.

Repeat after me:

I deserve to have fun NOW.

I deserve to enjoy life (and food) to the fullest.

And if you’re afraid that you would never stop eating, if you actually gave yourself permission to eat the foods you love without guilt watch this ridiculous youtube video. I’ll break it down for you some more.

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