How Jennifer Lopez Survives The Holidays: 5 Tips For Eating Like JLo

By Alexis Wolfer

Ever wonder how Jennifer Lopez looks so freaking fabulous? We pretty much lose sleep over it. And, well, barring a sleepover at JLo’s (we wish!), we figured the next best thing were tips from her nutritionist, Haylie Pomroy of East West Essentials. As an expert on nutrition and fertility, clients like JLo, Robert Downey Jr. and Ryan Reynolds rely on Haylie to help them look their best for all their big events. (Is it any wonder JLo looked famously flawless on People’s “Most Beautiful Woman” cover? Haylie doesn’t think so!) Don’t have national magazine cover to look great for? Well you may as well look runway ready on your next holiday card with these 5 holiday tips!

5 Tips for Surviving the Holidays from JLo’s Nutritionist

Stay hydrated. Your body has to burn a lot of water to stay warm as the temperature starts to drop, likely leaving you dehydrated. The result: chapped lips, constipation and dull skin. To look your best, aim to drink ½ your body weight in ounces of water each day.

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Take probiotics. These healthy gut bugs provide 60% of your body’s immune system, fending off winter colds and flus. To keep your gut bugs fighting fiercely, add a single serving packet of Optimal GI from East West Essentials every day.

Boost your metabolism. During the craziness of the Holiday season, consume 10-20 grams of protein within ½ hour of waking up to get your metabolism going and help you burn through the holiday madness!

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Look refreshed. Up late wrapping presents (of parting your stockings off)? Look bright eyed and bushy tailed, feel hangover-free and keep dark circles at bay by loading up on Vitamin C rich foods such as oranges, grapefruits or lemons!

Choose wisely. Making the right food choices during the holidays can be challenging (to say the least). We know you won’t always be able to eat as healthfully as you would like, but when it comes to nuts at least, keep them raw in the winter (despite the allure of chestnuts roasting on an open fire). Raw nuts enhance metabolism twice as much as roasted nuts!

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