2 Easy, Healthy Martini Recipes

By Alexis Wolfer

Apparently there’s a National Martini Day – yup, there’s just about a “Day” for anything you can imagine – and while we’re not even sure when it is, does it even matter?!

Here at The Beauty Bean we pick and choose our celebratory occasions with extreme selectivity – and, well, any day can be Martini Day if you want it badly enough!

While the traditional martini, made with gin, dry vermouth and, perhaps, some olive juice (if you like it “dirty”) is a bit stiff for our tastes, the fruitier varieties always pique our fancy. What doesn’t pique our fancy, however, is the ingredient list. Let’s be honest, that apple martini has nothing in it that even moderately resembles an apple. That’s not to say, though, that all more palatable martinis are tough to swallow.

With antioxidant-rich espresso and a healthy dose of caffeine, for those of you needing an extra boost with your booze, try making Le Caprice’s Espresso Martini. Le Caprice brassiere, in the iconic Pierre Hotel, makes theirs by mixing vodka with a shot of espresso and a splash of Kahlua. Shaken and strained into a martini glass, this cocktail will give you all the energy you need, with some health benefits to boot.

For an even more health conscious twist, Latham Thomas, a celebrity chef and the founder of Tender Shoots Wellness, suggests making her Bitter Sweet Gimlet. Combine 2 parts gin or vodka with 1 part St-Germain (a handcrafted Elder Flower liquor), ½ part fresh lime juice and ½ part fresh white grapefruit juice. Shaken and strained, this nutritionist-approved alternative to the traditional martini will allow you to celebrate this year’s National Martini Day in a healthful style.

Whether you celebrate this holiday (if we can even call it that) at home or at a local bar, get some friends together and pay homage (perhaps?) to National Martini Day, healthfully. And, as always, moderation is key.

Celebrating at home? Make this healthy salsa too!

Photography Credit: Melissa Hom/Le Caprice New York