Natural Cold Remedies: 10 Unexpected Immunity Boosting Foods

Chugging orange juice to help fend off that cold? It’s time to step up your immune-boosting A-game.

Sure, the vitamin C will help boost immune response, but it turns out you need more than just a dose of C. Rather, the immune system needs a combination of vitamins and minerals to thrive, 10 of which celebrity nutrition and health counselor Carina Sohaili is sharing with us here!

10 Unexpected Foods For A Stronger Immune System

Mushrooms – Are low levels of zinc in your diet making you sick? Turns out that people with low levels of zinc in their diet also have fewer antibodies (which fight off infectious diseases!). Load up on mushrooms for your zinc fix for a healthier you!

Sweet Potatoes Besides being skin super food (great for the dark circles under your eyes, wrinkles and dry patches), sweet potatoes are high in Vitamin-A, which helps to build a barrier to prevent germs and bacteria from entering your system.

Oysters – Not only are they a great source of both protein and heart healthy fats, but also  they are packed with the flu-fighting zinc.

Garbanzo Beans – This great protein source (especially for vegetarians!) is also packed with zinc, iron and folate; all which help strengthen the body, increase energy and boost immunity.

Red Bell Peppers – Packed with Vitamin-A, which helps build a barrier to prevent germs and bacteria from entering your system, and Vitamin C, which helps fight off bacteria and germs once they have already entered your system, red bell peppers are like a double-jab against any illness.

Cauliflower – This versatile vegetable’s Vitamin C and folate content make it an immune boosting superstar!  Plus, it’s filled with fiber and plant protein to give your body strength in the cooler winter months.

Pumpkin SeedsWith magnesium, zinc, and heart healthy fats, pumplin seeds are a fantastic snack for boosting immunity.

Cranberries – High in Vitamin C and potassium, cranberries help to fight off germs once they enter your system – perfect for a season spent in germy office spaces.

Spaghetti Squash – It’s a great source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C, both of which are key immune system boosters. 

Greek Yogurt – Filled with healthy bacteria, Greek Yogurt helps to clear out your digestive track, promote a healthy gut, and flush out any unhealthy bacteria, germs and toxins that may lead to a cold. Plus, it has double the amount of protein of regular yogurt, making it the perfect flu fighting snack.