Healthy Breakfast or Dessert Recipe: Red, White & Blueberry Parfait

Festive recipes often involve loads of sugar, preservatives and many other unhealthy “no-nos” – all in the name of once-a-year indulgences. And while we’re all for indulgences (The Beauty Bean is, after all, all about enjoying your best life!), why can’t some of our favorite festive treats be not only delicious and festive but also healthy and nutrient-packed? Well, this summer they can be – if you make this healthy parfait anyway!

Make this healthy smoothie recipe to help you recover from overindulgences!

Red, White & Blueberry Parfait

1 cup plain Greek yogurt (non-fat or low-fat), divided
½ cup fresh raspberries, divided
¼ cup blue berries
¼ cup granola

Use a homemade, healthy granola with this recipe!

Muddle half of the raspberries in a bowl. In your serving glass, layer ½ cup yogurt on the bottom, followed by the muddled raspberries. Sprinkle with granola and blueberries. Top with the remaining yogurt and remaining raspberries. If you prefer blueberries, top with blueberries instead. Sprinkle granola on top to garnish, if desired.

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