Sexy Snacks: 5 Modern Aphrodisiacs to Get You in the Mood

For celebrity nutritionist and author of The Beauty Detox SolutionKimberly Snyder, feeling sexy, fit and confident is only part of what it takes to make sure sex is on your mind and that you’re in the mood. The missing link: your diet! So, as you try to get yourself or your partner in the mood to hit the sheets, nosh on these sexy snacks packed with aphrodisiac properties to enhance sexual desire, increase blood flow, reduce stress, fire up neurotransmitters and improve libido.

5 Foods To Enhance Your Sex Life

A snack that makes you more attractive… Not only does celery pack a satisfying crunch, but also celery contains the chemicals androsterone and adrostenol, which are sexual attractants – meaning it can actually make you more physically attractive too. It’s also high in essential nutrients necessary for great sex. The result: more sex and higher sexual satisfaction!

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The ‘testicle tree’ and ‘sex vitamin’… As if the shape and large pit weren’t indicative enough of fertility, avocados have long been called the Testicle Tree (dating back to the Aztecs), and for good reason! Not only are avocados rich in heart-healthy fats essential for performance and stamina, but also avocados are rich in vitamin E, aka “the sex vitamin,” which promotes the production of sex hormones, increases desire and puts you in the mood.

The smell of good sex… Almonds have been a symbol of fertility since Biblical times, and there may be something to it. Some experts suggest that the sweet fragrance may act as a sexual attractant. But whether it’s the smell of good sex or just the nut’s high fiber, vitamin E and healthy fats that keep you feeling and looking good, we’re digging in.

Details on the Sex Diet!

Add heat between the sheets… Chili peppers are the key to spicing up your sex life, literally. The capsaicin in peppers raises your body temperature and increases blood flow, while simultaneously stimulating the release of endorphins (that feel-good chemical!). As if that weren’t enough, chili peppers also boost your sexual attractiveness by naturally plumping your lips and causing your skin to flush.

Sweeten your sex life, literally… Next time you’re reaching for a cup of coffee or tea, consider adding raw honey to sweeten your drink…and your sex like! Raw honey has been shown to increase desire in men (because of its testosterone-promoting B vitamins) and women (due to its boron, used in estrogen production), making it the ideal sweet-treat for couples looking to boost their sex lives.

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