Sip Pretty: 8 Beautifying Teas

By Courtney Leiva

Tea is one of the world’s most universally consumed beverages and now we can totally see why – what with each steaming cup packed full of antioxidants and beauty benefits galore!

To bring a nice steaming blend to your morning routine, we’ve got 8 beautifying teas to try that will beautify you from inside out. From herbal soothers to floral delights, check out our favorite beauty-boosting teas and start sipping for beauty.

1. Kusmi Be Cool Tea 
For instant relaxation (yes, even of those pesky facial muscles), sip this blend of verbena, licorice and peppermint.

2. Zhi Organic White Rose Tea 
Packed with antioxidants and low in dehydrating caffeine, this white organic tea uses real rose buds for a sweet and uplifting taste. It’s even been shown to help protect your from cancer-causing free radicals.

3. Good Earth Citrus Kiss Decaffeinated 
This green tea is packed with age-spot fighting antioxidants, but it’s the energy without the jitters part that really had us sold!

4. The Republic Of Tea Get Gorgeous Herbal Tea 
Working to perfect your skin, this rooibos-based caffeine blend, brings skin-loving antioxidants right to your complexion.

5. Carrington Soothing Herbal Tea 
To help you unwind at night – and rack in those beauty sleep zzz’s – this soothing blend fuses together notes like chamomile and valerian root.

6. Honest Heavenly Lemon Tulsi Tea
For tea on the go, try this bottled herbal delight with organic tea paired with detoxifying citrus for an unbeatable taste.

7. Little Miracles Organic Energy
This yummy, all-occasion beverage combines the purest organic tea with nature’s most beautifying superfoods.

8. Alvita Herbal Peppermint Supplement
This refreshing tea not only provides digestive support, but also beautifying both from the inside out (with its detoxifying benefits) as well as from the outside in (as a pore-shrinking toner)!