Substitute Sugar: Are Splenda, Stevia or Agave Any Better Than The Real Stuff?

Everything You Need To Know About Substitute Sugar

By Laurie Borenstein

Ok, so we’re the first to admit that it’s difficult to resist the temptation of adding that hint of sweetness to our morning coffee or tea. And who can resist a sweet afternoon pick-me-up snack?  But as we try to stay healthy and in optimal shape, it’s a constant battle with ourselves to make the right choices. Agave, honey, brown rice syrup, stevia, splenda, the list goes on… So, which should we choose?

The masses are out there in search of the ‘healthiest’ sugar substitutes to satisfy America’s sweet tooth. However, the bitter truth is that there is no magical sweet substance that will allow us to consume sweet-tasting treats in excess, without bringing health risks. The secret is simply moderation and making the right food choices.

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Our society’s passionate craving for sweet-tasting treats is an unfortunate side effect of our overly stimulated palates. The culprit: artificial and over-processed foods that line the shelves of our neighborhood supermarkets. They have forced our taste-buds into overdrive and numbed our tongues to the flavors of natural, subtle sweetness. What we’ve been left with is the desire for overly sweetened foods to satisfy our ever-increasing cravings.The problem lies in that the more sugar or substitute sugar one consumes, the more sweetness one will desire in all that they consume. It’s a vicious cycle that can lead to potentially detrimental health.

So, what about a substitute sugar?

Well, the jury’s out on the health effects of many of these so–called healthy sweeteners. And there is continued controversy as to whether or not they are actually safe to consume in large quantities.

Our suggestion – get back to basics! Eating clean is the best way to get your body and palate back on track to appreciate the tastes and natural sweetness of fruits and vegetables, and quickly eliminate our continuous and excessive sweet cravings. How does one do this, you may ask? Just follow these simple steps:

Begin by eliminating processed foods from your pantries. Anything with excess sugars, colorings or ingredients you cannot pronounce – trash it!

Get into the habit of adding a variety of colored fruits and veggies at every meal and as snacks! Be brave – experiment with seasonal, local fruits and vegetables!

The trick to eating the hardest to peel fruits!

Use berries or bananas to sweeten your cereal in the morning, rather than sweeteners.

Use organic raw cane sugar or honey (sparingly!) to sweeten, as needed.

While these steps may seem like a lot of sacrifice, we assure that it’s worth it! As you begin to make these changes, you’ll notice you will have increased energy and vitality resulting from less spikes in blood sugar throughout the day, you’ll start to crave healthier foods all the time, you’ll likely be in a better mood and you may even start enjoying exercise more!

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